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Assistant Researcher University of Kansas

LAWRENCE, MO Full-time
Posted on September 11, 2019


Assistant Researcher

Biomedical Services Labs

Position Overview

Provides technical and/or research related support for performing a broad range of research related as well as laboratory management tasks with high degree of proficiency. This person will act as a specialist to train new staff in equipment use, experimental set-ups, and data collection.  This person will work in a team with other High Throughput Screening Laboratory (HTS) staff in the maintenance of the chemical libraries, cell culture labs as well as general equipment calibration and maintenance, routine reagent preparation and overall laboratory housekeeping.  The person is expected to run screening projects reproducibly, collect data and perform preliminary analysis of data.  Ability to work independently as well as in team setting.

Job Description

50% - Optimize biochemical and cell-based assays. Participate in running compound screening projects, follow protocols for preparation of reagents, dispensing cells or purified proteins/peptides/compounds into assay plates and perform plate reads. Sterile techniques for cell culture maintenance.
30% - Preparing, maintaining and operating automation workstations, assay plates, compound management and assisting HTS staff as needed.

20% - General laboratory maintenance, maintenance of cell culture facilities and incubators, autoclaving, laboratory safety implementation and supply ordering, receiving and stocking.  Up to date maintenance of Lab Safety documentation, Cell line and chemical inventory.

Required Qualifications

Evaluation of the following requirements will be made through (1) descriptions of work experience and/or educational experiences in letter of application, (2) record of other accomplishments addressed in the resume, and (3) information provided from references.

  1. Bachelor’s degree in biology and at least 2 years of relevant experience OR a Master’s degree in biology.
  2. Experience with the basic laboratory techniques and biological assays.
  3. Experience that required troubleshooting skills in assay development.
  4. Experience that required analytical computer expertise for data analysis.
  5. Experience documenting and following procedures.
  6. Experience utilizing safe laboratory procedures.
  7. Effective written communication skills as judged by application materials submitted.
Physical Requirements (with or without accommodation):
  • Standing or walking for more than a combined total of four hours/day in order to do bench work in various labs.
  • Lifting of up to 20 pounds, with frequent lifting and carrying of up to 10 pounds of lab supplies.
  • Use of both hands to perform experiments in the lab.
  • Sitting for six hours out of an eight hour work day while completing analysis.


Preferred Qualifications


  1. BS (with 3 years of laboratory experience) or a Master’s degree in biology.
  2. Experience with cell culture techniques other than routine maintenance
  3. Experience in high throughput screening and reproducible data generation.
  4. Experience with biochemical assay development.
  5. Experience with Excel and Word.
  6. Experience in high content imaging or label free technology a plus.
  7. Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a team based environment.
  8. Strong verbal communication skills.


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