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Director of Public Works

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Posted on February 3, 2019


TITLE: Director of Public Works DEPARTMENT: Public Works


LOCATION: Leavenworth County Courthouse / Leavenworth County Shop

REPORTS TO: County Administrator SUPERVISES: Road & Bridge Superintendent,
Transfer Station, Noxious Weed Department, Buildings & Grounds and Engineering.

20% 1. Maintain organizational effectiveness.
20% 2. Supervision and work direction provided to employees.
20% 3. Coordinates with other agencies, departments, utility
companies and general public on Public Works projects.
20% 4. Safety.
10% 5. Budget preparation and expenditure authorization.
10% 6. Provides technical/engineering advice to County
Directs the staff and activities of the Public Works Department and holds overall responsibility
for all road and bridge construction and maintenance, sewer districts, noxious weed control, fleet
management, solid waste, engineering and completion of capital improvements. Provides
organizational effectiveness and work direction for over 50 staff members and controls a budget
in excess of $8,000,000.00.
KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: (*Required prior to employment)
1. Knowledge of department policies and procedures, including safety.
2. Knowledge of Federal and State construction guidelines and funding processes.
3. Knowledge of civil engineering principles, methods and techniques.*
4. Knowledge of civil works construction procedures.*
5. Knowledge of current design standards for civil engineering public works
6. Skill in design and construction of public works projects, including roads, bridges and
appurtenant installations and structures.*
7. Skill in planning, scheduling, managing and coordinating a civil works program
including design, right-of-way acquisition and construction.*
8. Skill in planning, organizing, directing, monitoring and supervising work of others.*
9. Skill in communicating clearly and concisely, both oral and written.*
10. Skill in management and supervision of medium size public department.

1. Works closely with local government officials and with State and Federal personnel in
determining needs for road and bridge work and type and amount of funding available in order to
develop a coordinated construction program; discusses resources available and works out
arrangements for various phases of work performed by other jurisdictions.
2. Negotiates professional design services contracts and recommends approval to the Board
of County Commissioners.
3. Works with other county departments to provide technical assistance and coordinate
4. Review performance of staff, counseling individuals to help them achieve their potential.

ILLUSTRATIVE TASKS (This is not an inclusive list, other tasks/duties may be assigned.)

1. Based on knowledge of road conditions, bridge structures and information from staff,
compiles list of projects the department may be expected to work on: estimates the scheduling
for these projects for design, right-of-way acquisition and construction; forecasts manpower,
materials and equipment needs; recommends staff level including consultant services; assigns
cost to each need and presents information in program and budgetary form to BOCC.
2. Establishes design criteria and scope for each project; recommends whether design is
performed in house or by consultant; recommends performance of right-of-way acquisition;
oversees solicitation and analysis of bids for construction contracts; recommends performance of
inspection and engineering and oversees preparation and negotiation of contract for engineering
services for such cases; reviews plans and survey plats. Generates plans and specifications;
visits right-of-way acquisitions and constructions sites; develops plans for maintenance of
bridges and drainage structures. In all of the above, keeps the BOCC apprised of status.
Performs verbal presentations of proposed projects to various groups.
3. Maintains liaison with Planning & Zoning through plat approval process. Reviews work
performed and evaluates progress of staff and results achieved; counsels employees on
performance and adjusts assignments and training for developmental purposes; through the
budgetary process, recommends training to keep staff abreast of the state of the art; handles
grievances and disciplinary matters; recommends merit increases; assists in recruiting new
employees, interviews job applicants and recommends selection; recommends promotions and
other personnel changes.
4. Responds to citizen complaints regarding county road conditions.
5. Responsible for long range planning and implementation of Public Works projects.
6. Coordinates with state, federal and other agencies as well as other departments and utility
companies regarding Public Works projects.
7. Responsible for safety conditions of roads and bridges throughout the county.
8. Responsible for safe work conditions for entire Public Works staff including vehicle and
equipment safety.

Work is performed in an office setting; travels by auto to site locations and meetings; walks
over varying terrain in various weather conditions; exposed to noise, dirt and dust of
construction; works around heavy construction equipment, near excavation and other earthmoving operations.

Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and be licensed as a Professional Engineer
in the State of Kansas. Must have a minimum of 10 years experience in road construction and
design. Must have a minimum of five years experience in supervision/management. Must
meet requirements outlined in Knowledge and Skills section marked with an *.

1. Vision Adequate for reviewing Engineering plans.
2. Hearing Adequate for conversation and telephone use. Considerable
public contact.
3. Speech Must speak English clearly enough to give instructions to
employees and converse with public.
4. Standing 20% of the time – construction site visits, interaction with
5. Walking 30% of the time – construction site visits, interaction with
6. Sitting 50% of the time – computer use, plan review and meetings
7. Lifting / Carrying 15 pounds – as required to carry plans
8. Pushing / Pulling 15 pounds – as required to move normal office elements in
normal business operation
9. Climbing / Balancing Construction site visits, bridge or road inspections
10. Stooping / Kneeling As required for construction site visits
11. Reaching / Handling As required to move normal office elements in normal
business operation, required on most tasks